The Classical Music Entrepreneur

If you had asked anyone, even as short a time as two years ago, to pick the person they knew most unlikely to revolutionize the way the classical music industry works, I’m sure I must have appeared on the short list along with such unlikely people as, oh, let’s say a major pop star constantly in and out of trouble, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dr. Hawking, and Horton the Elephant. My sole goal in life was to make enough money not to have to balance my checkbook. (That, I did manage to achieve.)

But earlier this year, Rodger Blaker made an offhand remark to me in a conversation. I had said that “I am not really a businesswoman.” He pointed out to me that I was successfully running three businesses, and that therefore, I am a businesswoman.

pied piper leading children, businessman says facebook will give you five million dollars for that

New Yorker Cartoon
Paul Noth

And that was a slippery slope, indeed.

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