Master Classes

Do you belong to a singing group or choir? If so, you may wish to consider a master class. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a master to attend; you just need to want to master a certain skill.

In a master class, people bring some piece of music they are having difficulty with, and I work with that person for approximately fifteen minutes in front of other class members. Because the improvements are immediately visible, everyone can learn from watching, and therefore everyone benefits. While some people feel initial embarrassment (it takes a brave person to go first), by the end of the class everyone will have improved in a number of areas.

A master class lasts from four to six hours (a six-hour class requires a meal break of one hour). In a four-hour class I can work with sixteen people; in a six-hour class I can work with twenty-four people.

There is a single-day charge, which can be paid for by group funds or may be paid individually by members. For locations outside the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, funds will need to be allocated for my travel and accommodation if I come to your location.

Master classes require a piano and an accompanist capable of sight-reading music. This may incur an additional charge for your group or its members.

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