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I teach classical piano lessons, classical singing lessons, and speaking voice lessons.

All students are required to complete an interview before I accept them. This interview is at no charge and no obligation to you.


1950 Chickering Console piano

1950 Chickering Console Piano

Lessons are once each week for a half-hour, and students should plan for at least two ten-minute practice sessions per day, including the day of your lesson. You will study reading music and play with both hands from the first lesson. How fast you progress depends on how dedicated you are to practicing exactly as instructed. You can read more about why my piano lessons are different from those given by other teachers.


Lessons are once each week for a half-hour, plus homework. Vocal rehabilitation and maintaining your vocal health is the first focus. Once your voice is functioning properly, then you will move on to repertoire. How fast you get to sing is entirely up to you and how hard you work. Students are expected to do regular homework (including awareness exercises, human anatomy, and music theory) and if you do not do it, you will not succeed. Don’t enroll in voice lessons because you think it will be easy or fun. For the most dedicated students, you can expect to begin performing as a career in about eighteen months. You can read more about what to expect from singing lessons in my studio.

For speaking voice lessons, your focus will be on vocal health and any other technical problems that present themselves.

Voice students with physical problems may be advised to go for intra-oral (TMJ) massage, massage of the anterior throat muscles, or other treatments. A list of local providers is available. I receive no monetary compensation for these referrals.

Available times are between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday, by appointment. I have no weekend or evening lessons; I am a working musician, and people most commonly want performances at those times.

Please contact me for rates, location and schedule availability, and be sure to read the studio policies before your first lesson.

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