Gift Guides—Music Teachers

Love your music teacher, and want to give her or him a little something?

Every music teacher has a drawer or box full of music-themed gifts, from socks to jewelry, that they have no need for.
If you’re going to spend time and money to pick out a gift, wrap it, and give it to your teacher, instead I recommend that you look around your teacher’s studio (or home, if that is where their studio is) first. What do they have on their walls? What color is their decorating scheme? What colors does your teacher typically wear? Is there evidence of a pet? Are they tech-savvy? Do they have tons of books?

Some teachers will be easy to pick out gifts for, others will be a bit harder. For the harder ones, here are some hints:

  • Does your teacher have an Amazon wishlist? If so, simply get them something on their wishlist or an Amazon gift card in any amount (Amazon gift cards come in amounts as low as fifty cents if you print them at home or email them, or as low as $10.00 with a greeting card)! Hint: make sure to buy it from their wishlist so that someone else doesn’t get them the same thing.
  • Does your teacher often travel to and from performances? What about a restaurant or gasoline gift card?
  • Every teacher needs to eat. A grocery store gift card will be appreciated.
  • Massage or spa sessions (or packages, if you’re so inclined) are very much appreciated after a stressful week.
  • Services are always welcomed! Housecleaning, pet-sitting, errand service, web designer, financial planner, attorney, handyman, or whatever seems appropriate.
  • If your teacher doesn’t already have any of these items below, you might want to sound them out before buying them.

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