All Things to All People

There is a general feeling among teachers that in order to succeed, you must offer every style of music, and teach every instrument from accordion to zither, in order to have a viable studio. However, having subsequently accepted students from some of these teachers, I realize that those teachers have done their students a huge disservice. While I have often been pressured by friends, associates, and even current students to adapt, I believe in offering only what I do best. After all, all those other music teachers out there have to eat, too!

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Armour Veer Tony

For me, it is all about providing the most value for my students. Not every student wants to learn the two things I am expert enough to teach well. And that’s perfectly fine. I would rather have students who want my instruction because of my specific expertise, rather than because I am cheap, or convenient, or accommodating. When I look back at my own educational career, it is clear that I made the most advancement in the classes of teachers who were teaching only in their field of expertise. I aspire to be the very best teacher for my students, and so I have made the choice to follow my teachers’ examples.

Does that mean I lose out on potential business? Sure, of course I lose potential clients–but I don’t have what those clients want, in any case. And those lost clients don’t have what I want–someone who is passionately committed (or their parents are) to learning exactly what I have to offer.

I probably won’t die rich. But I will die knowing that I improved the lives of the students who chose me, above any other music teacher out there. And that’s saying something.

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