Shouldn’t your life be better than a country-western song?

I started my classical music teaching business, focusing on voice lessons and piano lessons in Carrollton, Texas, because I wanted methods and materials that work, and my own philosophy of teaching. Many teachers give students just enough information to keep them coming back the next week, and unnecessarily make learning harder rather than easier. I prefer to help students advance as rapidly as possible.

So far the results have been staggeringly successful for my students. My voice students experience not only reduced stress from singing, and the other health benefits that go with it, but their speaking voices improve after a few months, as well, and because they put less effort into speaking, they have more energy and feel less fatigued. My second-year piano students are routinely playing pieces that some area piano teachers won’t attempt–and the children have seen their grades improve. (And their parents have seen their behavior improve, too!)

Are you one of the people who can benefit? Not just from the reduced stress, and brain/body/mind enhancements that learning to play an instrument or sing properly will give you, but there are all kinds of other benefits–as if being smarter, more successful, healthier, living longer, and being happier weren’t already enough. Professor Paul Robertson says:

We are approaching the point where a doctor would legitimately be negligent not to actually recommend music as a therapeutic intervention.

And there’s another benefit to classical music that you won’t find in country-western, rock, rap, or anything else. It’s the law of attraction. Classical music is the focus of the highest musical achievements of mankind. If you believe in the law of attraction, what you put your energy into is what you get back. If you really want the best in life, why place your energies into a music culture of failure, or worse, death?

I have people coming up to me all the time saying how much they want to take piano lessons or voice lessons. Yet, somehow they never do it. If you come to me, and you’re going to be successful, you’re ready to improve your life now. And so with the law of abundance in mind, I decided to start a blog. This is where anyone who cares to can join the conversation about classical music. Whether it’s marketing classical music, the music itself, (lessons, concerts or recordings), scholarly articles, original research, opinions, I want to invite you to join in– if we love classical music, we need to let people know!

I’ve been writing for many years about the benefits of taking classical music lessons. If you’re undecided, read the blog and take some time to absorb the information. Then, if you’re in the D/FW area, contact me about taking lessons. Or contact me about scheduling a master class in your area.

This is only the landing page, so don’t stop reading here–go read the blog! I update blog posts with new information as I receive it, so it’s a good idea to check back on older posts every once in a while. Go ahead, explore the site–I promise you won’t break anything by clicking on it, and if you do, I can always unbreak it.  For environmental, site, guest posting policies, etc., look under the “About” category at the right, or the “About” menu tab at the top of the page.

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