The Best-Laid Plans

My plans to post last Saturday were scuppered by some exciting news–after some months of negotiations, I now have a seat on the Board of Directors of the Lewisville Lake Symphony Orchestra in Lewisville, Texas. Why is this so exciting? Many people seek board of directors seats for all kinds of reasons–contacts, prestige, something to add to their resume. I see it as an opportunity for me first, to share my skills with the symphony to make the symphony more successful, and secondly, as a way to shape (with the approval of the other board members) the future of how the symphony interacts with the world.

room with arched windows, grand piano with music open, cello, music stand with music open, china cabinet, red plants, armchairs, fireplace and palm tree

Nikolai Rimsky

What I found interesting about the symphony is that I like to consider myself to be fairly well-versed in local community and professional orchestras, and I was astounded to hear that they had been around for twenty-seven seasons, and I had never even known they existed.

And so, last Saturday, I was at the board meeting to be voted in as a board member (and as my first act as a board member, I moved to adjourn the meeting). I’m considerably younger than most of the other board members, and one of the few full-time both musicians and business owners. I’ve already had meetings with other board members of the symphony concerning their internet presence and some aspects of funding from which I think they could benefit, so the near future should see some interesting developments in their online presence. Watch both my blog and the Lewisville Lake Symphony website for details and news. I look forward to being able to contribute to the Lewisville Lake Symphony’s short-term and long-term success!

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