Music as Effective as Diazepam Prior to Surgery

From a study by Berbel P, Moix J, and Quintana S:

OBJECTIVES: To compare the effectiveness of music to that of diazepam in reducing preoperative anxiety. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Patients were randomized to 2 groups to receive diazepam or listen to music on the day of surgery and the previous day. Just before the operation, anxiety was assessed with the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory. Cortisol levels, heart rate, and blood pressure were also recorded. RESULTS: Two hundred seven patients were enrolled. No significant differences in any of the outcome measures (anxiety, cortisol level, heart rate, or blood pressure) were found between the 2 groups (music vs sedative). CONCLUSIONS: Our findings indicate that music is as effective as sedatives for reducing preoperative anxiety [emphasis added].

The next time you think about surgery, think about medication interactions and the effect medication might have on your body during surgery–and you may want to choose to listen to music instead. There’s ample evidence to support that listening to music (especially classical music, as regular readers of my blog will know) decreases anxiety and blood pressure, and it can benefit you in other ways as well. So reach for your CD or mp3 player instead of the anti-anxiety medication–you may just be surprised at the positive result!

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