Mozart Effect Present in Geriatric Patients

From a study by Cacciafesta M, Ettorre E, Amici A, Cicconetti P, Martinelli V, Linguanti A, Baratta A, Verrusio W, and Marigliano V:

The ME [Mozart Effect] was described for the first time in 1993. Subsequently other studies with similar designs were performed. The present study, therefore, proposes: (i) to verify the existence of the benefits of exposure to music in elderly subjects with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), (ii) to explore whether it is possible to find any lasting improvement after training, conducted for a long period of time, with such musical pieces, in the measurable cognitive performances. The study we conducted showed that the ME is present in geriatric patients with MCI; the influence on spatial-temporal abilities remains constant in time if the stimulation is maintained [emphasis added]. The continuation of our study will consist of increasing the number of individuals examined and in having them listen to music during the study of ECG rhythms and during the acquisition of cerebral functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and, at the same time, testing them by neuropsychometric methods.

If you have friends or family who are aging, or if you are aging yourself, this is excellent news. Since this is a new field of research, no-one has any idea what these studies will show; however, it’s clear that even if the positive effects of listening to Mozart are temporary, right now elderly people with mild cognitive impairment can benefit–and what’s the harm in trying it? So give everyone you love an inexpensive mp3 player loaded with Mozart; it just might make their lives better!

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