Classical Music, Anyone?

Though not much in vogue in this day and age, it has survived and had weathered the test of time to the 21st century. Without which, there would be no violins, no piano, no sopranos, no choirs, no 3 Tenors, not even the aria which we tend to hear during commercial breaks from major sporting events like the Olympics.

The essence of which embodies a culture, which may or may not be strictly European. The art which today has been suggested by some to be dying, lost, forgotten and even adulterated.

How often have we encountered the soothing sound of a violin softly serenading a particular evening with that special someone? Or that celebratory ‘theme’ of a Formula Grand Prix (the overture from Carmen the opera)? The various overtures found in pre-1980’s and select post-1980’s cartoons?

I trust that some romantic readers of this post may have even proposed to their wives with classical music playing in that romantic background. Imagine then if you were to have done it with hip-hop, heavy metal and what other ‘noise’ we have today playing in the back ground!!!

What then do we do with this ‘Classical Music’? Bearing in mind that if we ceased to subscribe to it, it will die a silent death which in generations to come, will leave researchers pondering, as does the course of human history, if we are indeed created beings, or merely a product of an ape evolving to our present form.

[Courtesy of a guest author]

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