There are plenty of “nice” music teachers out there. They teach your kids how to play a few songs and everyone is happy. But imagine if there was a music teacher who not only taught your kids how to think creatively and be master of themselves, but could do the same for YOU! 

Cynthia is anything but your average music teach. I took voice lessons from her and in three weeks she had me stretching my voice from 2 to nearly 4 octaves! And it was EASY. If you know anything about music: you know that high C above the staff? It was simple. Not only that, but Cynthia will teach you how to correctly use your voice when speaking. As a consultant, my voice is key to my performance. Not only did Cynthia teach me how to open up my singing voice, she taught me how to save my speaking voice as well!

A complete professional and expert in her field.

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