Polishing the Apple CD

From a study by James R. Cheek, Loretta J. Bradley, Gerald Parr, and William Lan:

This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of music therapy techniques as an intervention for teacher burnout. Of the 51 elementary school teachers who participated in the study, 25 were from a school undergoing comprehensive reform, and 26 were from a school employing traditional grade-level classrooms and teaching strategies. Each participant completed pretest and post-test instruments. In addition, there were two treatment groups, either cognitive behavioral/music therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy. Results of the study indicated that teachers who participated in school-based counseling groups, using music therapy techniques in conjunction with cognitive behavioral interventions, reported lower levels of burnout symptoms than teachers in school-based counseling groups using cognitive behavioral interventions only[emphasis added].

brown and white terrier in red-and-white striped beach chair, with red-framed sunglasses, blue beach towel, and blue flipflops is listening to a music player. He is protected from the sun by an orange umbrella.

Dog Listening to Music with a Music Player
Javier Brosch

For not only teachers, but home schoolers, music may enable you to cope with stress and burnout. (Perhaps students, too, although you should be listening to slow Baroque music anyway!) For others, if you’re looking for a present for a teacher, you may want to consider giving them one of those ubiquitous “Relaxing Classical Music” CDs. (If you’re a teacher, add it to your Amazon wishlist.) It can’t hurt, and it just might help!

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