Mozart Relieves Stress in College Students

From a study by Alalami, Usama, Alalami, Sheena, and Cooper, Ross Gordon:

The article presents a study on the effect of Mozart’s music in undergraduate students who study health-related courses at the Birmingham City University in Great Britain. It states that the population of students is under constant stress and this might develop a negative effect on their learning experiences. The study investigates the impact of playing a recording of the music and the results show that classical music enhances cognitive mood [emphasis added].

It’s been a while since I was able to find a study on college performance and classical music, and this study reiterates the strategic success of adding classical music to your study routine at any age. Regardless of your age, any time you are studying, you may want to try listening to classical music and see if the results of the scientific studies are true for you.

Have you tried studying to classical music? Did it help or not?

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