Mozart Relieves Stress in College Students

From a study by Alalami, Usama, Alalami, Sheena, and Cooper, Ross Gordon:

The article presents a study on the effect of Mozart’s music in undergraduate students who study health-related courses at the Birmingham City University in Great Britain. It states that the population of students is under constant stress and this might develop a negative effect on their learning experiences. The study investigates the impact of playing a recording of the music and the results show that classical music enhances cognitive mood [emphasis added].

It’s been a while since I was able to find a study on college performance and classical music, and this study reiterates the strategic success of adding classical music to your study routine at any age. Regardless of your age, any time you are studying, you may want to try listening to classical music and see if the results of the scientific studies are true for you.

Have you tried studying to classical music? Did it help or not?

Students Say . . .
Allen WynnAllen Wynn
We hired Cynthia to teach piano to our son and daughter. She started them on classical pieces rather than current children's songs (e.g. row-row-row your boat), albeit these were simpler classical pieces (e.g. Tchaikovsky's Children's Album). We were impressed by her attention to technique, finger position, expression, and music theory. Suprisingly, she started them on songs using flats and sharps. She explained that they would have to learn all the keys anyway and it's better to introduce them as soon as possible so they don't become accustomed to just playing the white keys.Our children made significant progress due to the strong foundation that Cynthai gave them, and continue to love playing the piano.I heartily recommend Cynthia to anyone who is serious about learning to play the piano.

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Amy ZingerAmy ZingerAmy Zinger
During my second lesson, I found myself able to reach notes that I hadn’t hit in years. Not only does Cynthia teach her students proper vocal and piano technique from an anatomical perspective, but she’s also an expert in preventing career-ending repetitive stress and vocal injuries. . . . On top of all that, Cynthia is a fantastic musician who provides a depth of insight to the repertoire that no other teacher I’ve studied with (collegiate-level included) has shared in lessons. I would recommend Cynthia to absolutely anyone looking for a piano or voice teacher. She is a gifted musician AND TEACHER — a combination that’s almost impossible to find.

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I have always wanted to sing, but I got kicked out of choir in High School and even took voice lessons in College to very little avail. I met Cynthia in a networking group and had people "sing" her praises, so I tried. The amazing part is that it helped me in talking to groups and furthermore in just a few weeks she had me where I can actually sing at Church. I am going to take more as my goal is to be able to sing on stage. I could not sing and she taught me how in a relatively short time. If you know anyone who sings for a living or even talks for a living, I would recommend Cynthia highly as she is very educated, experienced and can help you resonate your presentation.

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James HiltonJames Hilton
My son wantwd to play the piano. So where to go?The look was short Cynthia made it fun and easy for him to learn. He started learning with two hands. By the fourth lessons he was playing songs and incredible scales with complex harmonies. Thank You

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Katrina JørgensenKatrina Jørgensen
There are plenty of "nice" music teachers out there. They teach your kids how to play a few songs and everyone is happy. But imagine if there was a music teacher who not only taught your kids how to think creatively and be master of themselves, but could do the same for YOU! Cynthia is anything but your average music teach. I took voice lessons from her and in three weeks she had me stretching my voice from 2 to nearly 4 octaves! And it was EASY. If you know anything about music: you know that high C above the staff? It was simple. Not only that, but Cynthia will teach you how to correctly use your voice when speaking. As a consultant, my voice is key to my performance. Not only did Cynthia teach me how to open up my singing voice, she taught me how to save my speaking voice as well!A complete professional and expert in her field.

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Peter CalabresePeter Calabrese

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Peggy DavisPeggy Davis
Have worked with Cynthia for only a couple of months. I have learned so much. Her knowledge and expertise in music is superlative. Cynthia makes you feel very comfortable and encourages you every step of the way. She is truly devoted to the music she loves and enjoys passing her knowledge to others with great results.
Beth RossBeth Ross
I want to positively recommend Cynthia K. Wunsch, M.M. to anyone whom has ever considered learning voice or piano from a true connoisseur of music. Her vocational background is unmatched and her motivation to inspire talent in others… speaks for itself. She’s warm, friendly, and down-to-earth; her teaching style can help anyone from young to old unlock their hidden potential.You have only to ask yourself, why have you waited this long?
Lay Wah OoiLay Wah Ooi
I don't know what Cynthia had done, but after one lesson with her, I was able to play Fur Elise again from the beginning to end, and I had not played the piano for more than 15 years prior to that. She's amazing at what she does, and she knows what she does very well. I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for a piano teacher, Cynthia is exceptional!
Shelley HinesShelley HinesMary Kay
Cynthia is phenomenal! This is a woman of integrity, knowlege, and passion for her profession. She works well with kids and at thier pace with a little push. She is results-driven, and makes sure you are comfortable with her approach every step of the way. She helped my daughter prepare a difficult song for a solo at a mother/daughter luncheon and her performance moved the audience to tears. Thank you Cynthia for your dedication, encouragement, and GREAT work!
Dale AltenhofenDale AltenhofenSouthern Painting
I have taken lessons from Cynthia for just over one year. Even with my busy schedule, I have been able to progress faster because of her systems than my daughter progressed over 4 years taking lessons from another teacher. She is passionate about what she does and adds great value to the process.
When my son first met Cynthia, he instantly felt a connection. From the first moment he touched the piano, he excelled under Cynthia's tutelage. Her patience knows no boundaries, and her knowledge of classical music is likely unrivaled. Cynthia's teaching methods are above and beyond the norm - expect advancement at a rapid pace!


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