Mozart May Alleviate Allergies

From a study by Kimata, H.:

In atopic dermatitis patients with latex allergy, listening to Mozart reduced skin wheal responses induced by latex, but not by histamine, whereas listening to Beethoven failed to produce similar results. Listening to Mozart also decreased in vitro total IgE and latex-specific IgE production with concomitant skewing of the cytokine pattern toward the Th1 type, that is, an increase in Th1 cytokine production and decrease in Th2 cytokine production by peripheral blood mononuclear cells, whereas listening to Beethoven failed to do so. These results suggest that therapy using specific types of music may be an effective treatment of allergic diseases [emphasis added].

the edge of the cross-section looks like pink waves with a few red cells among the majority pink cells

Cross-Section of Human Skin from a Patient with Hives or Urticaria Dermatitis, LM X15

It’s not like it’s any surprise to anyone that I’m in favour of people listening to classical music, or that the results of listening to classical music haven’t been well-documented, but the research continues to surprise me.

So the next time you have contact dermatitis, you might want to reach for the CD collection instead of the cortisone cream. And you can even drive or operate heavy machinery. However, drowsiness may still occur!

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