Learning Piano Decreases Anxiety in Seniors

From a study by Frederick Tims :

The study followed various health measures in 130 people during 1998. The experimental group consisted of 61 retirees taking group keyboard lessons in Florida over a period of two 10-week semesters. The health measures were administered before the lessons and after each semester. The control group included 69 retirees in Michigan not receiving group keyboard lessons, with the health measures administered at the same times as the experimental group in Florida.

The study concludes,

In three separate areas, important quality of life measures showed a significant change from pre to post-test in the experimental group (keyboard group), with no change occurring in the control group. On the Mental Health Inventory (MHI) Anxiety scores, anxiety decreased in the keyboard group but not in the control group. This decrease in anxiety was evident early on and appeared after only 10 weeks of lessons, remaining after 20 weeks of lessons [emphasis added]. Decreased anxiety is related to improvement in cognitive performance, as well as enhancing learning, decision-making, and feelings of well-being.

It’s never too late to learn to make music, or start experiencing the benefits from learning to play or sing. My oldest-ever student was eighty-six!

Charcoal and pastel profile drawing of an older man in suit playing piano

Illustration of a Piano Player
Alexandra Day

If you’re looking for a Christmas present, and a parent, relative or family friend doesn’t want any more “stuff”, why not give them a different kind of gift, and in as little as 10 lessons their quality of life can begin to improve?

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