Classical Music May Make You Better Able to Sit Still!

From a study by Ishii C, Hagihara S, and Minamisawa R:

To assess the role of music on pain management, we examined effects of music to relieve a pain associated with a compulsory posture. Classical musics, which are recognized to make persons feel well, were chosen in this study. Five healthy adult females kept a supine position for 2 hours without music. Complains, and variations of heart beat and respiration were observed in each individual during the 2 hour experiment. After 5 days or more, these subjects had the same experience with music. Frequency and intensity of complains were significantly diminished by music. Heart rate was not changed by music. Respiration rate was increased in 3 subjects with music. Frequency of irregular respiration was significantly decreased by music. There was a positive correlation between frequency of irregular respiration and number of complaints in subjects kept without music. The present study demonstrated that music is effective to relieve a pain associated with a compulsory posture. Our results suggest that music plays a significant role on pain management in palliative therapy.

Black and white photograph of a woman in white nurse's uniform with cap and hair in a bun looks at her watch. A girl lies on a hospital bed with a thermometer in her mouth; the woman is holding the girl's wrist

Woman Nurse Checking Pulse Taking Temperature on Little Girl Patient in Hospital Bed
H. Armstrong Roberts

If you are in a position where you have to maintain the same posture without moving, classical music may be the key to helping you survive it better. Whether you are bedridden by illness, confined to bed during a difficult pregnancy, recovering from surgery, or perhaps just sitting still all day in an office or at school, classical music may be able to help you through it with a little less discomfort. Teachers take note: it might just help you control your classrooms better!

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